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Balanced Scorecard

BSC is a procedure for transforming organisation's visions and strategies into objectives and indicators. The key idea is to set interfaces between financial objectives and performance perspectives related to customers, internal processes and employees.


Brainstorming (or brainwriting) is a simple method of collecting ideas or potential solution proposals. The aim is to collect as many and unusual ideas/solutions as possible, without commentaries (e.g. through interviews or cards) so that these can later be subjected to evaluation.

Build process

Creation of software components (versions) based on a source code (Quellcodes) in an applicable form available for distribution (e.g. on data storage media or microcontroller software memory).

Business partner

A business partner is the customer, or supplier, depending on the perspective.

Business plan

Business plan consists of one or more documents stating company-specific strategic projects and objectives to be completed in a defined period of time (e.g. short-term, medium-term, long-term).