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System of facilities, equipment and services needed for the operation of an organisation.

Integration process

The term integration process covers a process beyond systems communication of which is based on XML messages.


Reference to a VDA publication (if the definition is specific to a particular publication, different from it, or complementary to an applicable standard): Standardised complaint process.

Intermediate product (semi-product)

Result of work which is further processed in an established process.

Ishikawa diagram

Or a fishbone diagram or cause-and-effect diagram.

ISO/IEC IS 15504

ISO standard defining principles for determining the maturity through assessment. It contains, for example, the process assessment model. The ISO/IEC IS 15504 standard is generally referred to as “SPICE”.



A method used to reduce stock reserves in production through management reflecting on demand and based on the “pull” principle, e.g. using cards.

Kick Off

Assessment process step during which the assessor and assessed organisation jointly discuss the assessment process.

Kick-off meeting

Working meeting of entire project team at the beginning of a project. The aim is to jointly understand project objectives, client's expectations, processes and methods applied and responsibilities of individual team members. It also covers a project plan discussions and provision of relevant information (e.g. other related projects with points of contact, partial projects). Participation of representatives from individual attending departments.


Lead assessor

Leader of an assessment team that is responsible for a proper and standard-compliant assessment and accuracy of results. A minimum qualification is defined (“Competent Assessor”).

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