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Intermediate product (semi-product)

Result of work which is further processed in an established process.


Electronic computer, processor, memory and input/output switching circuits associated with a single silicon chip.


Chip that represents a central memory in systems equipped with microcomputers. Microprocessor controls data processing in a system, inputs and outputs and peripheral and memory devices.


Time decision point during a project.


Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

Multipart MIME

Multipart MIME message includes more parts (Body parts) that are transmitted as data (also binary data).


An organic compound represented with chemical formula (NH2)2CO


Formal representation based on abstraction and idealisation of key structural and functional characteristics of a defined section of reality.

Process Assessment Model

Extension of so-called Process Reference Model, the extension being related to the process dimension and adding aspects of experience/practice, specific notes and semi-finished products, and adding generic practices and resource to the capability dimension.


Degree to which a closed subsystem or software component includes interconnected logical units (software modules). Complexity of software modules interconnections needs to be clear and controllable.

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