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Project management

Planning, organising, monitoring, controlling and reporting of all aspects of a project and the motivation of all those involved in it to achieve project objectives.

Project management (classic)

In its progress, a project is divided into individual stages so as to allow for timely identification of risks, and structured in larger segments so as to allow for an objective achievement to be monitored in individual milestones. The VDA volume stated below uses a prototype of the three-stage model.


Measurement is an experimental procedure to determine particular values of physical quantities as multiples of a unit or reference values.

Customer satisfaction measurement

Customer satisfaction measurement measures the quality of performance the way the customer perceives it.

Measuring equipment

Measuring equipment, i.e. measuring instrument, software, measurement standard, reference material or auxiliary apparatus or combination thereof necessary to realize a measurement process.


Procedure planned according to resources and purpose leading to technical skills in solving theoretical and practical tasks.

Delphi method

Forecasting method based on existing expert knowledge being performed through multilevel questioning, assessment and summarising. At a sensible selection of experts, it ensures qualitatively valuable results.

Card method (questioning with cards)

Collecting comments in the form of key words. The cards are then divided into groups based on affinity.

Circulating cards method

Alternative to the card method. Participants note down their idea and pass the card to their neighbour who adds his/her idea and, again, passes the card to his/her neighbour. Consequently, the cards are categorised in a way similar to that used with the card method.


Numerical representation of a characteristic. Metrics must make possible a comparison with a reference value.

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