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Dynamic behaviour

Software ability to ensure adequate response time and process flow time under defined conditions.


Extent to which planned activities are realised and planned results achieved.

Escalation, stages of escalation

Transfer of a problem that cannot be resolved on the actual organisational level to the next higher decision-making level according to specified rules.

Etalon; Measurement standard

Etalon, measurement standard: measuring instrument, measurement equipment or reference material kept for retention or reproduction the purpose of which is to represent a unit or one or more known values of a single quantity and thus allow for comparison and connection of one measuring instrument with another.


Demonstration of the activities performed, usually for a submitted product.


Hardware (e.g. engine mechanical part) is a “product” category.

Upper concentration limit (at OPZ)

Such concentration for which the coincidence error exceeds 5 %.

Information Technology (IT)

In German, EDV stands for electronic processing of data (Elektronische Daten- Verarbeitung), or IT (information technology in English, Informations-Technik in German).


System of facilities, equipment and services needed for the operation of an organisation.

Process/Procedure instructions

Process/procedure instructions represent a specific type of task which is necessary to meet defined activities related to quality. Such instructions are implemented according to defined rules (e.g. signature).

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