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CMM, Capability Maturity Model

CMM, or the capability maturity model for software, is a framework tool describing elements of an effective software development process. Furthermore, the CMM defines an evolutionary multistage process from an improvised, chaotic process to a mature, disciplined process.

CMMI, Capability Maturity Model Integrated for Systems Engineering/Software Engineering

CMMI is a developed capability maturity model based on the CMM integrated into system and software engineering. The actual level of maturity statement within a software process evaluation can proceed in two model representation lines: staged representation (determination of maturity based on fixed key processes) and continuous representation (determination of maturity of every key process). Basically, the CMMI is compatible with ISO IEC TR 15504.

Data, quality significant

Quality significant data are data (or information) originating within a quality management system or entering a quality management system.


Diagnosis enables identification of faults or failures of a system and is used to analyse wrong reactions within the system in order to correct them.

Cause-and-effect diagram (Ishikawa/fishbone diagram)

Reference to a VDA publication (if the definition is specific to a particular publication, different from it, or complementary to an applicable standard): VDA volume 11 .

Long-term capability

Used to assess quality capability under actual process conditions after the initiation of series production in adequate time.

Containment action

Containment actions are time-limited actions (immediate actions) taken to rectify or mitigate the effects of an identified nonconformity (defects) on production and final product, by all means. This concerns e.g. halting the machine.


Organisation or person that provides a product.

Evidence of nonconformity

Nonconformity with tolerance is clearly demonstrated if measurement result Y (measured value y, including measurement uncertainty U) is beyond the level of tolerance. In such case, the product shall be rejected.

Evidence of conformity

If a result of measurement Y (measured value y, including measurement uncertainty U) falls within the level of tolerance, conformity with the tolerance is clearly demonstrated and the product is accepted.

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