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Zdeněk Procházka

0-km failure

These are failures that occur with the OEM upon delivery, installation or final check.


Acceptance is a written confirmation of product acceptance (in legal terms) by a customer. The acceptance consists of a number of tests to convince the customer that the product is in compliance with specified requirements.

Accreditation body

Authoritative body that performs accreditation.

Acknowledgement, business

Acknowledgement, business, is an acknowledgement of customer's financial claims regarding a complaint. In this context, a business acknowledgement is a preliminary acknowledgement of proposed values. The actual business process is realised outside the scope of this process. Reference to a VDA publication (if the definition is specific to a particular publication, different from it, or complementary to an applicable standard): Standardised complaint process.

Acknowledgment, technical

Acknowledgement, technical, occurs when the supplier (or customer) arrives at a conclusion upon a relevant test that the part subject to the complaint is faulty, or fails to meet approved requirements and he (supplier) bears responsibility (originates) for the fault. No financial claims made by the customer are acknowledged through technical acknowledgement (see business acknowledgement).


An action is a targeted activity aimed at changing an existing yet undesirable situation in a required and approved way in due time.


AdBlue® is used to clean exhaust gases released from diesel vehicles. It is a clear, non-toxic solution of urea (AUS32). AdBlue® is kept in a separate container near the diesel tank. It does not mix with diesel.

Air cleanliness class

Particle content in ambient air not exceeding specified maximum amount of particles of defined size, measured on operation's stand-by.


Archiving is a long-term, organised, safeguarded and change protected keeping of documents and data.

Assessed organisational unit (German abb. ZO)

Assessed organisational unit. As regards development division, one or more units within an organisation are assessed.

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