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Picture of Zdeněk Procházka

Zdeněk Procházka

Feedback presentation

Step at the end of an assessment whereat the team of assessors provides timely feedback on the assessment results. It usually covers important strong points and ideas for improvement, or presents current maturity profile.

FPY Indicator (First Pass Yield)

Percentage of results already achieved in the process correctly without additional work.


As regards tangible products, the term goods stands for parts, components, supply volume, supply, etc.


Guideline represents an obligatory framework for the conduct of an entire organisation, e.g. settling travel expenses.


Hardware (e.g. engine mechanical part) is a “product” category.

HIS Process Scope

The scope defines the minimum of processes in automotive industry (AUTOMOTIVE SPICE®) to be assessed by HIS members, if applicable. (ENG.2 - ENG.10, SUP.1, SUP.8- SUP.10, MAN.3, ACQ.4).

Check, Inspection

Conformity evaluation by observation and judgement accompanied as appropriate by measurement, testing or gauging.


Checklist, a standardised set of questions to verify/assess activities, processes, etc. should be compiled for key project steps. Templates and recommendations can be found in literature.

Immediate actions

Reference to a VDA publication (if the definition is specific to a particular publication, different from it, or complementary to an applicable standard): Standardised complaint process.

Information Technology (IT)

In German, EDV stands for electronic processing of data (Elektronische Daten- Verarbeitung), or IT (information technology in English, Informations-Technik in German).

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