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Picture of Zdeněk Procházka

Zdeněk Procházka


Procedure planned according to resources and purpose leading to technical skills in solving theoretical and practical tasks.


Numerical representation of a characteristic. Metrics must make possible a comparison with a reference value.


Electronic computer, processor, memory and input/output switching circuits associated with a single silicon chip.


Chip that represents a central memory in systems equipped with microcomputers. Microprocessor controls data processing in a system, inputs and outputs and peripheral and memory devices.


Time decision point during a project.


Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions


Formal representation based on abstraction and idealisation of key structural and functional characteristics of a defined section of reality.


Degree to which a closed subsystem or software component includes interconnected logical units (software modules). Complexity of software modules interconnections needs to be clear and controllable.

Morphological boxes

Systematic method of raising ideas. A solution to a problem may be found by dividing the problem into individual aspects that can consequently be changed. Through various random combinations numerous new solutions arise so that the likelihood of achieving a potential optimum increases. On the other hand, rush solutions result in prompt identification of a problem.


The term “motivation” stands for the readiness of employees to perform. Quality awareness is reflected in the way individual employees approach quality issues in the area of interest.

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