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Formalised and standardised assessment of organisational unit's processes against a process reference model. Depending on the particular situation, assessor's experience influences the assessment.

Assessment log

Formal document used by an assessor to complete assessment. The assessor uses an assessment log to demonstrate his/her activities to the certification body.

Assessment team

Team of all assessors of an organisation participating in the assessment. An assessment team should consist of at least two people one of which is so called lead assessor (responsible assessor). Decisions are made in agreement of all team members. Reference to a VDA publication (if the definition is specific to a particular publication, different from it, or complementary to an applicable standard): Automotive SPICE .


Person's role in an assessment. In an assessment, the assessor interviews and assesses answers.

Attributive check

Comparison of a test object against a model/template and determination on whether no limits are exceeded. An actual deviation of the checked characteristic from a nominal value cannot be traced.


Systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining audit evidence and evaluating it objectively to determine the extent to which audit criteria are fulfilled.

Audit client

Organisation or person requesting an audit.

Audit findings

Results of the evaluation of the collected audit evidence against audit criteria.

Audit plan

Description of the activities and arrangements for an audit.

Audit programme

Set of one or more audits planned for a specific time frame and directed towards a specific purpose.

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