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Course: 3 jazyčný slovník VDA (slovnik VDA)
Glossary: VDA English


Customer satisfaction

Customer's perception of the degree to which the customer’s requirements have been fulfilled.

Customer satisfaction analysis

To analyse customer satisfaction is to assess data obtained from customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer satisfaction measurement

Customer satisfaction measurement measures the quality of performance the way the customer perceives it.


Data integrity

Data protection from an inadmissible change or access.

Data, quality significant

Quality significant data are data (or information) originating within a quality management system or entering a quality management system.


Deadlock means that a programme is locked from further operation because two or more separate processes are queuing for action of another process.


Non-fulfillment of a requirement related to an intended or specified use.

Delphi method

Forecasting method based on existing expert knowledge being performed through multilevel questioning, assessment and summarising. At a sensible selection of experts, it ensures qualitatively valuable results.


Activity used to demonstrate by means of documents that an attained performance (of a product or service) meets specified requirements. Reference to a VDA publication (if the definition is specific to a particular publication, different from it, or complementary to an applicable standard): VDA volume 1.


Collective term used to describe the availability performance and its influencing factors: reliability performance, maintainability performance, and maintenance support performance.