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Glossary: VDA English


Conformity of Production

Conformity of production with legal requirements.

Consignment stock

Store of products that are supplier's property until their acceptance by the customer.

Containment action

Containment actions are time-limited actions (immediate actions) taken to rectify or mitigate the effects of an identified nonconformity (defects) on production and final product, by all means. This concerns e.g. halting the machine.

Contamination level

Range of number of particles designated with an appropriate code number, e.g. code number 5 represents a number of particles from 16 to 32.

Continual improvement

DIN EN ISO 9000:2005. Reference to a VDA publication (if the definition is specific to a particular publication, different from it, or complementary to an applicable standard): VDA volume 6.2, VDA volume 6.4.

Continual Improvement Process (CIP)

Synonymous term to continual improvement: recurring activities to increase the ability to fulfil requirements.


Action to eliminate a detected nonconformity.

Corrective action

Action to eliminate the cause of a detected nonconformity or other undesirable situation.

Critical characteristics

Critical characteristics are such characteristics with individually estimated risks that: -are deemed directly threatening health and life with the risk resulting from the product, - depend on the adherence to legal requirements (e.g. emission). Critical characteristics are to some extent defined as specific characteristics in a sense of ISO/TS 16949:2009.


Organisation or person that receives a product.